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Summer Heat Dies Down, Music Fires Up!

photo: playing with WAIL Watchers at the Blue Nile, cred. Jennifer Kimball

August in New Orleans is undeniably sweltering, but the heat is beginning to make way for the busy Autumn season. While beating the heat, I've taken the opportunity to do new work with my website, music, and drumming.

What's New:

• Domain Name: I've rid myself from the shame of the Wix banner in favor of a proprietary domain. Although I've entered a new expense into my budget, I have to say it seems worth it for the extra shine of a pro website.

• Photos and Soundcloud Audio: You can find tons of pictures now on the site, as well as embedded tracks on Soundcloud. While some of these tracks are field recordings, many are the same studio-quality productions that I release on CD, including tracks from my (hint hint) forthcoming album, and from The Convergers' CD Hang Dog Hymns, with music written by Bill Davis of Dash Rip Rock. I believe firmly in making my music free to listen, and giving patrons the option of buying it if they choose.

Reflection Available In-Site: You can now listen to and purchase my debut album Reflection in the "Media" section of the site. Enjoy!

• New Band: I'm happy to be working with singer Meryl Zimmerman from Gravy Flavored Kisses on a jazz project which I conceived of some years ago. We are putting the pieces together for an adventurous modern jazz project which will spread the gospel of post-bop (total jazz nerd, I know) to a new audience.

• Rehearsing for New Album: The gang and I are currently working on three new tracks for my next album...Stay tuned!

• More Music With Outer Core: We are getting ready for another performance at Open Ears Music Series on Tuesday, August 16, and a live recording at the Marigny Opera House on September 25th.

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