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"Reflection" Now Available For Listening!

I'm happy to announce that my debut solo album has been released! The album release party happened back in October and the limited pressing that we used for that release is now updated and re-pressed professionally for sales and distribution!

Reflection was a really special project that I am honored to have been given the opportunity to produce alongside some incredibly talented musicians and technicians. Thank you to Alex Geddes, Alex D'Önofrio, Sam Albright, Andrew Yanovski, and Peter Gustafson for your excellent performances. Thank you to Hannah Baldo for your excellent work recording, mixing and mastering the music. I'd also like to thank Kendra Wills, Ed Demirer, and Copycats Media for their help in producing the promotional materials and the media design for the album itself. You guys rock!

If you would like a copy of the album, check it out at

and choose either to buy it digitally for just $7.00 or physically for $15 plus shipping. You can also preview it for free on the bandcamp site!

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